Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Whether you are making breakfast in bed for your love, or your kids. Having a sweet lunch date, or a romanic dinner, these are tried and true dishes are easy to prepare, but seem like you spent WAY to much time in the kitchen, shhhh I wont tell if you don't, haha. I'll be making some of these for my family on Valentine's Day. I hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day and treat yourself with the same amount of love you are giving to others, because YOU deserve it! MUCH LOVE~ Des!

Oat pancakes These pancakes are easy even on a weekday. 

Breakfast Sausage We always have sausage in the freezer ready to heat up for any special occasion when you want to seem like your going that extra mile without much work involved.

Creamy Baked Pasta can be prepped the night before. Make the sauce and pasta put in the oven safe dish cover and pop in the fridge. When your ready to bake top with bread crumbs and pop it in the oven. I'll be really honest... it's delicious without the bread crumbs and extra step of baking.

Asian Noodle Bowl with Baked Tofu is a great lunch super fast to make.

Vegan Crab Cakes are a show stopper! They are unbelievably delicious but again so easy to pull together.

Or this Chickpea Loaf is so filling and comforting. You can get this ready for the oven the night before too!

Lasagna is always a great idea for special occasions.

Lasagna Soup If you don't have time to make this Lasagna and bake it make this.

Potato Broccoli Soup Cozy up next to a fire or a movie and eat this amazing.

Chocolate Cake this is such an easy cake that literally takes no time and you probably have everything you need on hand.

Chocolate Chip Cookies are something that we take when our kids need to have options and share with others so if you or your kids are having a Valentine' day party make these and everyone will thank you!

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